AstraZeneca has announced a $300 million investment in a new state-of-the-art facility in Rockville, Maryland, aimed at advancing its cell therapy platforms for cancer research and future commercial supply in the U.S. This endeavor will create over 150 new skilled jobs focused on manufacturing T-cell therapies to facilitate both global clinical trials and potential future therapeutic expansions.

Pam Cheng, Executive Vice President of Global Operations & IT and Chief Sustainability Officer at AstraZeneca, expressed enthusiasm for the project. She emphasized the critical role this investment will play in propelling AstraZeneca’s goal to make next-generation cell therapy a reality, meeting demands for patient treatment.

The facility is strategically located within a prominent life sciences hub and near one of AstraZeneca’s key global R&D centers. The proximity to numerous universities and educational institutions in Maryland is expected to be conducive to talent acquisition and employment opportunities in the biotech sector.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore welcomed the partnership with AstraZeneca, acknowledging the shared dedication to innovation and the positive impact on the state’s life sciences leadership and competitive edge.

The Rockville site will be part of AstraZeneca’s extensive manufacturing network, which includes nearly 30 sites globally. In the U.S., AstraZeneca’s manufacturing focuses on small molecules and biologics, with over 2,600 full-time employees producing more than 9 billion doses of medicine each year.

AstraZeneca’s ongoing work in cell therapy explores the enhancement of immune T-cells’ cancer-fighting capabilities, with research into targeting CAR-T cells and overcoming immune-suppressive tumor environments. Current and future projects, such as the next-generation cell therapies being developed from healthy donor cells and specific programs like the Glypican 3 (GPC3) targeting CAR-T in hepatocellular carcinoma, will leverage this collaborative research and production effort in Maryland to fuel advancements in oncology treatment.

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