Medidata, a leading clinical trial solutions provider, has partnered with Worldwide Clinical Trials (Worldwide) to leverage Medidata AI. This collaboration aims to enhance trial planning and facilitate data-driven decision-making across Worldwide’s operations.

By utilizing Medidata AI’s capabilities, Worldwide can systematically plan, design, and execute research. This enables them to reduce trial timelines and improve site selection, ultimately benefiting patients and sponsors.

Medidata AI’s expansive historical data set and artificial intelligence solutions provide Worldwide with real-time, actionable insights into site-level granularity. These insights allow Worldwide to accelerate clinical research and advance the life sciences industry.

“We’ve partnered with Medidata for over a decade to provide our customers with data-driven insights for informed decisions about clinical trials,” said Peter Benton, President and CEO of Worldwide Clinical Trials. “The integration of Medidata AI Intelligent Trials into our studies will further enhance our ability to plan, design, and execute research for optimal patient and sponsor outcomes.”

Tom Doyle, Chief Technology Officer of Medidata, emphasized that Worldwide will leverage Medidata AI’s turnkey solution to accelerate clinical research and advance the life sciences industry by leveraging site-level granularity and real-time actionable observations.

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Ferry Darma
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