Empatica, a digital biomarker development and patient monitoring company, has integrated McRoberts’ 71 endpoints into its FDA-cleared Health Monitoring Platform. This partnership expands the platform’s capabilities to over 200 digital biomarkers, including new measures in activity monitoring, energy expenditure, and sleep movements. Key Functional Mobility Assessments like the sit-to-stand and gait tests have also been added.

Empatica’s CEO highlighted the significance of the partnership, emphasizing the industry’s growing maturity. Empatica and McRoberts offer a comprehensive solution for sponsors worldwide by combining strengths.

McRoberts’ CEO expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that integrating their mobility analytics with Empatica’s platform offers substantial benefits for customers.

The partnership demonstrates the Empatica platform’s compatibility with validated third-party algorithms. It also marks the first instance of an established provider transitioning from their proprietary wearable to EmbracePlus, enabling them to focus on endpoint development.

Empatica’s technology and EmbracePlus wearable’s monitoring capabilities are recognized, facilitating additional partnerships. The platform serves as a hub for digital biomarker developers, allowing them to implement algorithms without the burden of hardware and software development.

Source link: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240513976022/en/Empatica-and-McRoberts-Partnership-Achieves-200-Endpoints-and-Opens-Platform-to-External-Algorithm-Developers

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