Foundation Medicine has launched FoundationOne®RNA, an RNA sequencing test that complements its DNA-based FoundationOne®CDx. This combination provides enhanced fusion detection in cancer, particularly in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), pancreatic cancer, and other solid tumors.

RNA sequencing detects fusions in 318 genes, expanding the company’s portfolio of genomic profiling tests. By offering both DNA and RNA testing options, Foundation Medicine aims to increase confidence in fusion detection, given the instability of RNA.

The FoundationOne RNA test results are combined with FoundationOne CDx results in a single report. This report provides clinicians with actionable information to guide targeted therapies and consider clinical trials.

Courtney Granville, Chief Scientific Officer at GO2 for Lung Cancer, indicated that fusion detection using RNA is crucial for lung cancer treatment planning.

Foundation Medicine’s coextraction method for FoundationOne CDx allows for the extraction of DNA and RNA from a single sample, minimizing tissue volume requirements. This method simplifies the testing process without affecting turnaround times.

With FoundationOne RNA, Foundation Medicine now offers a comprehensive suite of tests for various cancer types. These tests empower clinicians with data to make informed decisions about patient care and improve treatment outcomes.

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