PathAI, a leader in AI-powered pathology, launches an Early Access Program (EAP) for its AISight Image Management System (IMS) in Europe. This program provides labs access to advanced digital pathology solutions and AI capabilities.

AISight is a cloud-based platform that streamlines end-to-end digital pathology workflows. It enhances case management, viewing, collaboration, and integration with laboratory information systems.

Pathologists can seamlessly access a range of AI algorithms through AISight to optimize workflows, quantify biomarkers, and prioritize cases. These algorithms include ArtifactDetect, TumorDetect, AIM-TumorCellularity, AIM-PD-L1, and AIM-HER2. AISight also supports integrations with third-party algorithms.

The EAP allows European labs to trial AISight’s GDPR-compliant digital pathology solution and conduct validation studies on PathAI’s AI products. Labs of all sizes and specialties can benefit from AISight, including health systems, university hospitals, and reference laboratories.

Nick Brown, Chief Growth Officer at PathAI, indicated that they are excited to partner with European labs to democratize digital pathology access and aim to enhance the pathologist experience and improve patient outcomes.”

Prof. Dr. Jan Budczies of the University of Heidelberg highlights the potential of AISight to revolutionize digital pathology workflows. He emphasizes the importance of understanding tumor cell content and immune cell infiltrates using digital pathology and AI.

PathAI’s commitment to innovation is evident in AISight’s growing portfolio of features and algorithms. By providing access to advanced digital pathology solutions, AISight empowers pathology labs to embrace cutting-edge technologies and drive progress in patient care.

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