Immunis, Inc., an innovative biotech firm, announced that its Chairman, Dr. Hans Keirstead, will present at the prestigious Abundance360 conference in Los Angeles. This event, led by the celebrated entrepreneur Dr. Peter Diamandis, convenes renowned experts from various fields such as space, technology, and longevity research, focusing on transformative ideas or “Moonshots” to revolutionize human healthspan.

Dr. Keirstead’s presentation will spotlight Immunis’ ambitious goal of treating 500 million individuals with its investigational secretome, IMMUNA, which targets age-related immune dysfunction, specifically muscle atrophy and metabolic decline associated with sarcopenia. Sarcopenia, an age-related muscle loss condition affecting all humans, currently lacks FDA-approved treatments for mitigating muscle loss or enhancing muscle regeneration.

Highlighting IMMUNA’s potential, pre-clinical studies in aged mice have demonstrated muscle mass, strength, and function improvements. Additional studies are pending publication, promisingly showing increased lean mass and reduced fat corresponding with muscle fiber growth. The ongoing Phase 1/2a clinical trial explores IMMUNA’s safety and efficacy in elderly patients with muscle atrophy, showing encouraging preliminary results. IMMUNA stands as a pioneering treatment candidate for sarcopenia.

Dr. Keirstead’s ambitious project aligns with his broader goal of democratizing regenerative medicine, enabling healthier lives for all. Immunis aims to deliver a unique product consisting of all-natural human immune modulators at the frontier of secretome technology.

Readers should note the forward-looking statements about Immunis’ plans and intentions are subject to risks and uncertainties and may change over time. More information about Immunis’ clinical trials is available on their website.

This communication also mentions Abundance360’s commitment to empowering attendees with the knowledge and mindset to enact world-changing initiatives, reflecting the conference’s focus on collaboration and visionary ideas for a better future.

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