Remepy, a pioneer in “hybrid drugs,” has secured $15 million in funding, led by NFX and supported by several other investors. Hybrid drugs combine traditional medications with “digital molecules,” therapeutic interventions that use non-invasive cognitive or behavioral techniques to trigger physiological effects.

These digital molecules have been shown to enhance the effectiveness of traditional drugs by altering brain connectivity, blood biomarkers, and behavioral patterns. Remepy has demonstrated the efficacy of its digital interventions in clinical trials using fMRI imaging, blood analyses, and standardized assessments.

Remepy’s innovative approach targets diseases such as neurodegenerative, autoimmune, and degenerative eye conditions. By combining drugs with digital interventions, the company aims to create a new market for hybrid medications and enhance patient outcomes.

Dr. Danny Bar Zohar, Merck KGaA’s Global Head of R&D, has joined Remepy’s Board of Directors. He believes that Remepy’s clinical data provides compelling evidence of how digital interventions can potentiate immunotherapy for cancer and improve drug therapy for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease.

According to Dr. Michal Tsur, Remepy’s Co-CEO, the fusion of digital interventions with traditional products has revolutionized various industries. Co-CEO Or Shoval is particularly enthusiastic about the potential of Remepy’s hybrid approach to alleviate symptoms and potentially modify disease progression in Parkinson’s Disease patients.

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