Twist Bioscience has unveiled TB206-001, an antibody antagonist targeting the adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR). This discovery represents a significant breakthrough in cancer immunotherapy, as A2AR is crucial in suppressing immune responses within the tumor environment.

TB206-001 is a high-affinity antibody that specifically binds to A2AR, blocking its immunosuppressive effects. This allows immune cells to regain their activity and combat cancer cells. In preclinical studies, TB206-001 has demonstrated impressive antitumor efficacy, outperforming PD-1 inhibitors in reducing tumor volume.

The development of TB206-001 stems from Twist Bioscience’s advanced platform, which enables the discovery and optimization of antibodies. The researchers immunized animals with DNA encoding A2AR and screened an extensive antibody library to identify TB206-001. This antibody exhibits exceptional affinity and specificity for A2AR and tumor-suppressing activity in animal models.

The discovery of TB206-001 opens up new avenues for cancer treatment. As an antibody antagonist, it possesses several advantages over small molecule inhibitors, including higher affinity, reduced central nervous system exposure, and less frequent dosing. Twist Bioscience is actively seeking partnerships to advance the development of TB206-001 as a potential therapeutic for various types of cancer.

The research findings have been published in the journal PLOS ONE, underscoring TB206-001’s potential to revolutionize cancer immunotherapy. By targeting A2AR, this antibody can potentially restore immune function, enhance antitumor responses, and improve patient outcomes.

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