Nucleus RadioPharma has expanded its capabilities with a Series A investment extension and the appointment of Dr. Tyrell Rivers to its Board of Directors. This funding, led by AstraZeneca, will advance targeted radiotherapies and theranostics, offering new hope for patients battling metastatic cancers.

Theranostics seamlessly integrates diagnostics and therapeutics, employing radiotracers to precisely target cancer cells. Radiotracers enable both tumor visualization and potent radiation delivery, minimizing harm to healthy tissues. This approach exhibits promise in treating neuroendocrine tumors, prostate cancer, and lymphoma.

Nucleus RadioPharma’s CEO, Charles S. Conroy, expressed enthusiasm for the investment’s potential to increase the accessibility of these life-saving treatments. “These drugs, designed for precise targeting, are demonstrating remarkable effectiveness while upholding an exceptional safety record,” he stated.

Dr. Rivers, Executive Director of Corporate Ventures at AstraZeneca, brings over two decades of experience in investment and life science to the Nucleus board. He has a proven track record in driving business growth, directing corporate strategy, and fostering financially sound businesses. His expertise will be invaluable in expanding Nucleus’s global reach and impact.

Conroy emphasized the excitement surrounding this funding and Dr. Rivers’s addition to the board by indicating that the support of AstraZeneca and Tyrell on the board has ignited their excitement, as this funding will facilitate the expansion of their development, supply, and commercial manufacturing capabilities, ultimately enhancing global accessibility to targeted radiotherapies and theranostics for patients worldwide.

Overall, this investment and the appointment of Dr. Rivers position Nucleus RadioPharma for accelerated growth, enabling the wider adoption of these innovative cancer treatments and offering hope to patients facing limited treatment options.

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