Calidi Biotherapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on developing anti-tumor virotherapies, has forged a partnership with SIGA Technologies to advance its RTNova platform. This platform utilizes an enveloped vaccinia virus (RTNova) engineered to target and eliminate tumor cells.

The RTNova platform holds potential as a universal treatment for various cancer types, primarily focusing on lung cancer and metastatic solid tumors. Its systemic and targeted nature allows for easier administration and a wider potential patient reach.

One crucial aspect of the collaboration is the integration of SIGA’s TPOXX, an antiviral agent. TPOXX will serve as a safety switch to manage the spread of RTNova in the body. This provides reassurance and confidence during clinical trials for patients, physicians, and regulatory authorities.

Calidi’s Chief Scientific Officer, Antonio F. Santidrian, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating that RTNova has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment across tumor types. The partnership with SIGA ensures access to a safety switch during the development process, fostering trust and confidence among stakeholders.

RTNova is designed to survive in the bloodstream, target multiple tumor sites, and stimulate the immune system against cancer cells. Preclinical studies have demonstrated TPOXX’s effectiveness against vaccinia, supporting its potential as an important component in vaccinia-based cancer therapies.

The collaboration between Calidi and SIGA aims to accelerate the development of the RTNova platform, paving the way for innovative cancer treatments with the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes.

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