Xeris Biopharma and Beta Bionics have entered into an exclusive worldwide collaboration and license agreement to develop and commercialize a liquid stable glucagon formulation for Beta Bionics’ bi-hormonal pump system.

Glucagon, like brakes in a car, balances insulin’s role in controlling blood sugar. Beta Bionics recognized the advantages of a dual-hormone system and sought Xeris’ expertise in glucagon formulation.

Under the agreement, Xeris will supply Beta Bionics with glucagon for use in their pumps and pump systems, potentially earning development payments and royalties.

Xeris is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative products. Their products include Gvoke® (liquid glucagon for severe hypoglycemia), Keveyis® (therapy for primary periodic paralysis), and Recorlev® (treatment for Cushing’s syndrome). Xeris is expanding its pipeline with new indications and products using their XeriSol™ and XeriJect® formulation platforms.

Beta Bionics is developing a bi-hormonal pump system that utilizes both insulin and glucagon. The partnership with Xeris will allow Beta Bionics to advance their development of this first-of-its-kind pump for diabetes management.

Source link: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240506079856/en/Xeris-Enters-Into-an-Exclusive-Worldwide-Collaboration-and-License-Agreement-with-Beta-Bionics

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