Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and AC Immune have entered into an exclusive global option and licensing agreement for AC Immune’s active immunotherapies, including ACI-24.060, which targets Alzheimer’s disease.

ACI-24.060 is designed to trigger an immune response against toxic amyloid beta (Abeta) forms, which are linked to plaque formation and Alzheimer’s progression. By clearing plaques and inhibiting their formation, it aims to delay or slow disease progression.

AC Immune will conduct the ongoing Phase 1b/2 ABATE trial to evaluate ACI-24.060’s safety, efficacy, and immunogenicity in individuals with prodromal Alzheimer’s disease and adults with Down syndrome.

Upon Takeda’s exercise of the option, the company will assume responsibility for further clinical development, regulatory matters, and worldwide commercialization of ACI-24.060. Takeda’s expertise in neuroscience drug development and commercialization complements AC Immune’s experience in active immunotherapy approaches.

AC Immune will receive an upfront payment of $100 million and is eligible for an option exercise fee and potential milestone payments up to approximately $2.1 billion. This agreement enables AC Immune to focus on completing Phase 1b/2 development and advance its early-stage pipeline while Takeda brings its resources to support Phase 3 trials and the potential commercialization of ACI-24.060.

Source link: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240510475155/en/AC-Immune-and-Takeda-Sign-Exclusive-Option-and-License-Agreement-for-Active-Immunotherapy-Targeting-Amyloid-Beta-for-Alzheimer%E2%80%99s-Disease

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