Flatiron Health, a healthcare technology company, has joined forces with the Association of Cancer Care Centers (ACCC) to improve clinical trial availability and efficiency in community settings. ACCC represents over 40,000 multidisciplinary cancer care professionals nationwide.

This collaboration aims to provide ACCC member practices with access to Flatiron Clinical Pipe, a tool that connects electronic health records to electronic data capture systems. This streamlines clinical study data collection, reducing time and effort for participating centers.

ACCC plays a vital role in the cancer care community, providing education and support to healthcare professionals. The organization’s partnership with Flatiron Health aligns with its mission to enhance patient experiences and outcomes.

By leveraging Flatiron Clinical Pipe, ACCC practices can:

• Increase efficiency and save time on clinical study data capture
• Expand the scope of clinical studies conducted at community centers
• Improve access to cancer clinical trials for a wider patient population

Ivy Altomare, Head of Research Oncology at Flatiron Health indicated that tThis partnership will enhance ongoing efforts to expand the footprint of cancer research in the community, and that by reducing the workload of research staff, they can redirect resources to patient care.

ACCC’s Chair Dr. Sumanta K. Pal emphasized the significance of this collaboration for the cancer care community by indicating that bringing cutting-edge technology to their centers enables them to make clinical trials more accessible, streamline data management, and deliver improved care to to their patients.

Through this partnership, Flatiron Health and ACCC aim to enhance the availability and representativeness of cancer clinical trials, ultimately contributing to the progress of cancer research and improved outcomes for patients.

Source link: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240513621631/en/The-Association-of-Cancer-Care-Centers-and-Flatiron-Health-Announce-a-Strategic-Collaboration-to-Improve-Study-Data-Capture

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