Revance Therapeutics, Inc. has launched DAXXIFY (DaxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm), a novel treatment for cervical dystonia, a painful condition. This marks Revance’s entry into the U.S. therapeutics neurotoxin market.

The company aims to address treatment limitations for patients with cervical dystonia who experience symptom re-emergence before the typical 12-week treatment interval. The launch includes an early experience program to optimize treatment outcomes.

Revance has established its commercial infrastructure, secured a permanent J-Code from CMS, and implemented reimbursement support services to facilitate adoption. Patient affordability programs are also available to minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Clinical data has shown that DAXXIFY can provide long-lasting symptom relief compared to current treatment options. Its safety profile has remained positive, even at various doses.

DAXXIFY has received FDA approval for cervical dystonia and is now available to patients. Healthcare providers can find more information about accessibility and availability on the dedicated website.

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