FogPharma and ARTBIO have joined forces to develop a groundbreaking class of radioligand therapies (ARTs) that harness the power of alpha particles. This collaboration aims to transform cancer treatment outcomes by integrating FogPharma’s Helicon peptide platform with ARTBIO’s AlphaDirect technology.

The Helicon platform enables the creation of highly selective and customizable peptides that can precisely target specific proteins involved in cancer growth. These peptides serve as vehicles to deliver 212Pb, an alpha-emitting isotope with exceptional therapeutic potential due to its high energy and short half-life. This combination can deliver targeted radiation directly to tumors, maximizing efficacy while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

The synergy between the two platforms creates a unique opportunity to address unmet medical needs. FogPharma’s Helicon peptides can be modified to optimize binding affinity, stability, and distribution. This allows researchers to tailor ARTs for specific cancer types and targets, ensuring maximal therapeutic benefit.

The collaboration leverages ARTBIO’s expertise in developing and manufacturing 212Pb-based ARTs. AlphaDirect provides a platform for the efficient and scalable production of these therapies, ensuring a reliable supply for clinical trials and patient care. The partnership will focus on developing multiple novel ARTs against various cancer targets to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize cancer treatment.

Both companies share a common vision of pushing the boundaries of cancer therapy and improving patients’ lives. By combining their cutting-edge technologies and expertise, FogPharma and ARTBIO aim to create a new era of targeted, effective, and transformative cancer treatments.

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