Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM) and Navigo Proteins GmbH have partnered to develop radiotheranostics, a targeted therapy that delivers radioactivity to cancer cells.

OPM utilizes three precision medicine platforms, including OncoSNIPER for target identification and Nanocyclix® and Promethe® for drug development. Radiotheranostics involves targeting cancer cells with molecules that bind to specific surface antigens. Radioactivity is then attached to these molecules to detect and destroy cancer cells.

OPM has selected Affilins®, small proteins from Navigo, as targeting molecules for its Promethe® platform. Affilins® exhibit high specificity, low immunogenicity, and ease of production. They are also resistant to degradation and temperature changes, making them suitable for radiolabeling.

The partnership leverages OPM’s target identification and drug development capabilities with Navigo’s expertise in Affilin® technology. Together, they aim to develop novel radioligand therapies for treating resistant and metastatic cancers.

Source link: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240515866105/en/Oncodesign-Precision-Medicine-and-Navigo-Proteins-GmbH-Sign-a-Strategic-Collaboration-Agreement-for-the-Research-and-Development-of-New-Systemic-Radiotherapy-Agents

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