As a pioneer in oncological and hematological innovation, Massive Bio is showcasing its groundbreaking AI technology at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2024. The company focuses on enhancing patient and physician engagement in cancer care through its Massive Bio Deep Learning Clinical Trial Matching System (DLCTMS).

DLCTMS leverages AI to structure vast cancer data and personalize real-time patient trial matches. This transforms how clinical trials are accessed and managed globally. The system integrates predictive analytics and real-time updates, making over 14,000 trials accessible within seconds. This optimizes trial enrollment potential and reduces screen failures, ensuring personalized care that aligns with individual conditions and preferences.

Massive Bio’s CEO, Selin Kurnaz, PhD, indicated that they are harnessing AI to revolutionize how oncologists, hematologists, patients, and trials interact and that their technology empowers more precise, efficient, and patient-centric clinical practices.

With over 120,000 patients, 5,000 physicians, and partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and contract research organizations, Massive Bio has built the largest oncology and hematology network. This has transformed patient recruitment at scale, establishing the company as a leader in the industry.

Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Massive Bio, indicated that the platform integrates predictive analytics and real-time updates to ensure that every cancer patient can access the trials they need when they need them.

Massive Bio invites all ASCO 2024 attendees to visit booth #29137 to witness the transformative potential of Synergy-AI firsthand. The company aims to accelerate breakthroughs in cancer care and improve patient outcomes through its AI-driven approach.

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